We offer a full range of raw milk tests. Whether you are a dairy producer or dairy processor, we can fulfill all of your testing needs.

  • Antibiotic Screening
  • Antibiotic Confirmatory Testing
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity
  • Aflatoxin Screening
  • Bulk Tank Cultures
  • Coli Counts
  • Component Testing - butterfat, protein, somatic cell count (SCC), lactose, total solids, MUN, solids not fat
  • E. coli Counts
  • Freezing Point
  • Laboratory Pasteurized Counts (LPC)
  • Mastitis Identification
  • Mycoplasma Cultures and PCR
  • Sediment Test
  • Somatic Cell Counts (DMSCC or ESCC)
  • Standard Plate Counts (SPC)
  • Staph Only Cultures
  • Strep Cultures


Pricing information: 

Services $19.99 and under have a case charge of $5.00.

Services $20.00 and over have a case charge of $10.00.

For full pricing information, call Circle H at (806) 244-7851