Circle H DHIA Testing

We offer a complete DHIA testing service from start to finish. Give us a call to see the Circle H difference!

First, our certified DHIA testers utilize advanced technology to ensure accurate collection of data and samples. Our ability to upload herd files to our handheld computers and utilize RFID technology virtually eliminate all errors seen with other data collection methods. Our Waikato meters are certified annually and checked after each maintenance event on our calibration station. Our in-house meter washing station ensures our equipment is clean to not cause high SPC bulk tank counts on test day. Our crew and equipment are clean to uphold best dairy biosecurity practices.

Next, our DHIA certified laboratory provides rapid results for fat, protein, SCC and MUN. Because we are an independent laboratory, we can work with the regional or state DHIA of your choice. We routinely transfer data to the major DRPC's. For producers that are on unofficial test, we are proficient in uploading data into your on-farm software and assisting with the development of management reports.

DHIA Testing

Our laboratory resources are available to independent testers, cooperatives, processors, genetic suppliers, other laboratories, and research groups.

Whether you use our Circle H Testing Service or an independent tester, our fully certified, independent DHIA laboratory will get reliable results to you in a timely manner.

Component Testing - includes all of the following at one competitive price: fat, protein, SCC and MUN

Clean, biosecure vials and racks delivered to the farm

Ability to work with any Dairy Record Processing Center (DRPC) and DHIA State Affiliation

Pricing information: 

Services $19.99 and under have a case charge of $5.00.

Services $20.00 and over have a case charge of $10.00.

For full pricing information, call Circle H at (806) 244-7851