Our laboratory offers the following services in the area of animal diagnostic testing:




We are proficient at identifying organisms and determining their significance in cattle and swine tissues, bedding, equipment, milk, semen, water, environment, feedstuffs and others. We are able to isolate and save organisms that may need further characterization, such as DNA fingerprinting or for use in autogenous vaccine production.


BioPRYN Pregnancy Detection

This test is a non-invasive, quick response, 97% accurate, embryo safe, quality assured pregnancy test for livestock (cattle, sheep, elk, goats, bison and deer). To learn more visit www.biopryn.com

Boar Semen

We routinely offer analysis of boar semen. Our package of tests includes: standard plate count, bacterial identification, total sperm cell count and motility/morphology estimates. Environmental swabs of collection and laboratory areas are screened to ensure effective sanitation methods. We can report results against our database or yours.

BVD Persistent Infection (PI) testing

Our methodology includes both ELISA antigen capture (ACE) methodology or Real Time PCR detection.

Mastitis Identification

We are proficient at identifying the cause of mastitis in milk samples. Our reports can be customized and can be uploaded into your dairy management software (Dairy Comp 305 and DHI Plus). We can help you with periodic reviews to select the correct mastitis therapy programs for your operation.

Packed Cell Volume

We routinely measure packed cell volumes on neonatal swine blood to assess iron levels.

PCR Real Time Testing

Our fast turn-around time is an important benefit for farms that want to maintain and verify disease status. We run PCR for PRRSv, PEDv, influenza A, M. hyo, PCV2 and M. bovis. If there is a positive PRRS sample, we can run PRRS sequencing on the sample.


We are able to process blood samples for further serological testing. We can split samples and can hold large volumes of serum for diagnostic projects that may require scheduled submission to other laboratories. A list of serology that can be performed in-house includes: PRRS ELISA, Mycoplasma ELISA, APP ELISA, SIV ELISA (H3N2 and H1N1).

Serum Protein Testing

Our laboratory tests serum protein levels utilizing a refractometer. Our reports help characterize if your calf colostrum program is on-target.

Pricing information: 

Services $19.99 and under have a case charge of $5.00.

Services $20.00 and over have a case charge of $10.00.

For full pricing information, call Circle H at (806) 244-7851