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Large and small, we now serve them all!

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We've begun offering companion animal services to better serve our community. So you can expect flexible hours, house-calls, drop-offs before or after work to minimize your time away from work, pick-ups and deliveries, and much more. Just ask us and we'll do our best to help serve you.

Our core services include routine health exams and annual vaccinations, routine surgeries, dental procedures, endoscopy, preventative health programs, and emergency service We perform many blood and important tests in our own laboratory for rapid results.

Additionally, we have digital radiograph capabilities and ultrasound in our clinic and these can be taken to on-site locations as necessary.


We are a distributor for Hill's Pet Nutrition products. Call us and we will keep your food in stock. We will make you aware of special promotions and discounts to help you get the best pricing available.

Is there such a thing as a lifetime guarantee on a pet collar? Yes, and we have them! Lupine Pet collars and leashes are in stock. They are 100% guaranteed, stylish, and affordable.

Welcome spring and shedding season! We are in love with the FURminator brushes that we now have in stock! Come visit us and see more of our favorite pet products.

Payment options

We expect full payment at the time services are provided. Both cash and credit cards are accepted. A new offering is Care Credit. By popular request, we are a provider that accepts this form of payment. To learn more or to apply for Care Credit visit their website. The application and approval only takes minutes to complete. We are not a lending institution and therefore do not extend credit.

Advice to New Puppy and Kitten Owners

Adopting a new pdf kitten or pdf puppy is a wonderful and exciting experience. It is also a time where a little extra planning can help a new pet develop the calm and confident temperament that will help them enjoy life to the fullest. The basic tennets of socialization are outlined below. The AVMA will be developing tools to help veterinarians and their clients create simple and fun plans tailored to the developmental needs of puppies and kittens in their first weeks and months of life.

  • When adopting a puppy or kitten, ask for a pre- and post-adoption socialization plan.
  • Create a socialization plan specifically for your dog or cat to prepare him or her for life in your household. Plan exposures to the animals, individuals, environments, activities and objects that will be part of his or her new life.
  • Provide regular positive and diverse experiences to encourage your dog or cat to enjoy new experiences without becoming fearful or aggressive.
  • Provide praise, play and treats to reward engagement. Allow the dog or cat to withdraw if he or she is uncomfortable. Move at a pace appropriate for your pet's personality.
  • Well-managed puppy or kitten socialization classes are a good way to socialize your new pet within the sensitive period.
  • Puppies or kittens that are not fully vaccinated should not be exposed to unvaccinated animals or places they may have been (such as outdoor parks).
  • Continue to reward your dog or cat for calm or playful responses to social interactions throughout his or her life.
  • For dogs or cats with special behavioral needs, develop a plan with your veterinarian and/or another animal behavior expert.

Click pdf here for a checklist for puppy socialization from the PPG

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