Our Swine segment offers swine services across the nation. We are a key service provider and trusted source for information.

Biosecurity Improvement & Assessment
We have developed tools for identifying practical biosecurity improvement opportunities in your own farm.

Boar Stud Status Monitoring
Our in-house laboratory routinely offers assessments of semen motility, morphology and bacterial contamination. In addition, we offer disease monitoring of boars and semen through our laboratory.

Continuous Quality Improvement
If you have the desire to implement a Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative, we can help you develop the knowledge and capability to drive this process within your own farm.

Diagnostic Testing
Diagnostic results are not always as black and white as we would like them to be. Often, there is too much or too little testing being done. We can help you determine the right type and amount of diagnostic testing to do, based on you specific situation.

Food Safety
As food production systems become more integrated over time, efforts to improve food safety will become more visible. We have the experience to help you determine what can be done practically to improve food safety. We were pioneer users of electronic health certificates.

Group Housing Systems
Whether it is small group or large group housing system you are considering, we can assist in designing a farm flow that is right for your specific situation.

Health Due Diligence
Understanding the current health of a potential acquisition, of the risk associated with a genetic source change are paramount to system success. We can advise you of the risk associated with these scenarios.

Health Improvement Planning & Execution
Whether it is PRRS, Mycoplasma, App or others, we have the experience to help you design and implement an effective health improvement program leading to better system efficiency.

Human Resource Consulting
Circle H has retained the services of HR&M Consultants based in Dumas Texas. HR&M is our trusted advisor and has vast experience in the HR field, assisting our clients develop HR policies that improve employee management, training, advancement, pay levels, and compliance to applicable regulations.

On-Farm Research Design/Implementation
With the vast amount of marketing data out there, you need to have confidence that a solution will generate value in your system. We can assist you in the design and implementation of research within your system to give you an accurate assessment.

Needle Free Injection Systems
We have the experience with a variety of needle free injection systems. If you are interested in this technology, we can give you pointers to assist in implementation.

Non-Traditional Therapies/Interventions
When the traditional interventions are not working, we have some alternatives that may be useful. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Production System Auditing & Assessment
We have experience in designing audit and assessment tools that enable you to statistically monitor your system, giving you confidence knowing how you are doing at a given time and over time.

Regulatory Compliance
We were pioneer users of electronic health certificates and RFID technology allowing for accurate and efficient individual cow identification. We are proficient in advising and preparing our client’s animals to move across state lines in a timely fashion. We also have experience in international exportation.

Traditional Production Medicine
We have the experience and background to help you with the bugs, drugs & vaccine combinations most relevant to your system.

Supply Procurement
If you desire help with procuring supplies at a reasonable cost, we would like to talk in more detail.

Staff Training
We will work with your staff developing and implementing training programs customized to your farm and management style.

Virtual Practice Structure
Our virtual practice structure allows for the veterinarians associated with our practice to draw on the benefits of group practice, but be physically located closer to your operation.

We understand the welfare forces that are impacting animal production agriculture. We can help you understand your risk of an adverse PR event, and help you make measurable improvements in swine welfare within your system.